Regnus 5.5

The Random Text Scripting Language

The Regnus Parser For QB4.5


The Regnus Parser for QB4.5 is a set of functions to allow you to generate text from Regnus scripts from within applications written in QB4.5.

To discuss this parser, or to make feature requests or bug reports, please visit its forum.

Note: the Regnus Parser for QB4.5 expects scripts to be encoded for the legacy CP437 code page, and does not currently support UTF-8 character sets, so scripts including extended unicode characters may not display correctly in this parser.

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Using The Regnus Parser For QB4.5

To use the Regnus Parser For QB4.5 in your programs, you will need to first download and unzip the source file which contains the functions.

You can include the functions in your project by copying and pasting from the source file, or using the File | Merge command.

Once your project contains all of the Regnus functions, producing text from a Regnus script is very simple. The main parser is the function RegnusGenerate, which returns a string containing the generated text. For example, to generate text from a Regnus script and store it in YourString$:

YourString$ = RegnusGenerate(YourScript, YourLabel, Information)

YourScript should be the full relative path and file name of the script from which you would like to generate text, and YourLabel should be the label from which you would like to generate text. For example, to generate text from the "RANDOM PICK" label of the script Something Completely Different, in the working directory of the program:

YourString$ = RegnusGenerate("Someth~1.rsf", "RANDOM PICK", "")

Note: as in the example, remember that DOS filenames should generally be abbreviated using the above format if they exceed eight characters in length!

The optional Information argument causes the parser to instead output meta-information about the script, such as the script's Title or Blurb. For example, to get the script's Title:

YourString$ = RegnusGenerate("", "", "title")

And to return the script's blurb, of course:

YourString$ = RegnusGenerate("", "", "blurb")

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