Regnus 5.5

The Random Text Scripting Language

Parser for the Java Platform


Screenshot of The Regnus Parser for the Java Platform

The Regnus Parser for the Java Platform, by Marco Rinaldi (aka neuzd) allows you to generate text from Regnus scripts on your local machine. It is a small, easy-to-use application which will happily run under Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, Solaris, or any other system with the Java Runtime Environment installed, and includes support for customisable interface including fonts and colours.

By default, the parser will run in a windowed GUI mode, but it can also be invoked as a console application in order to produce text at the command line, perhaps for use in batch commands or (for example) to control random output from another script or program such as an IRC bot or similar.

The parser also includes an in-program script-debugging feature, allowing script authors to quickly and simply validate and check their scripts for errors and mistakes.

Note: the Regnus Parser for the Java Platform fully supports UTF-8 character encoding, so scripts parsed using this parser are recommended to be encoded in this format.

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Command Line Usage

The parser will open a script file specified (enclosed by quotes if it contains any spaces) in its command line, and will enter a simple text-interface mode if you have not also specified a label. For example, the following input at the command line would load the script "MyScript.rsf" and enter the parser's user-interface:

java -jar Regnus.jar MyScript.rsf

If a label is also specified (enclosed in quotes if it contains any spaces, as with the filename), the parser will output the raw text in silent mode with no additional formatting. For example, the following would load the script "MyScript.rsf", and immediately output text generated from the Label "My Label" before ending:

java -jar Regnus.jar MyScript.rsf 'My Label'

The parser's debug mode can also be invoked from the command line, using the "-debug" switch before the filename of the Regnus script:

java -jar Regnus.jar -debug MyScript.rsf

Any of the following command-line swicthes will return information on the parser's version and usage instructions:

java -jar Regnus.jar ?
java -jar Regnus.jar -?
java -jar Regnus.jar -h
java -jar Regnus.jar -help

If no filename or other command-line switch is specified, the parser will attempt to load its standard windowed interface.

To discuss this parser, or to make feature requests or bug reports, please visit its forum.

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