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Version 1.2.0

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 pm30 7:34 pm
by neuzd
This thread is for the discussion of the Regnus Parser for Java, version 1.2.0.

Changes this version:
  • Parser updated to support Regnus specification 5.5.
  • The GUI and CLI version have been unified in a single package.
  • Full support for UTF-8 encoded script files.
  • Total rewrite of the actual parser class which is directly based on the parser for PHP v1.8.4 and all performance-boosting optimizations have been inherited.
  • Debugger feature added to the CLI version.

To use the GUI version of the app simply double click on the jar file, or launch it from a command line console without specifying any parameter:

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java -jar Regnus.jar

To invoke the CLI version all is needed is parameters, most notably the Regnus Script File to be parsed.
These 4 examples are all valid, pay attention to the last one, which will output simple usage informations:

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java -jar Regnus.jar MyScript.rsf
java -jar Regnus.jar MyScript.rsf 'My Label'
java -jar Regnus.jar -debug MyScript.rsf
java -jar Regnus.jar ?

Have fun.