Version 1.0.0 (Console Version)

Discussion of the Regnus Parser for the Java Platform.
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Version 1.0.0 (Console Version)

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This thread is for the discussion of the Regnus Parser for Java (console version), version 1.0.0.

Changes this version:
  • First release.
While discussing with Ryan about the release of the revised source code of the Regnus parser for Java, it sparked in me the idea of releasing a simpler tool with a command line interface, along with the full-blown desktop application.
The idea was to make this program as basic and lightweight as it could possibly be, but if anyone feels that it could benefit of some extensions this is the place for such proposals (the inclusion of the Debugger is an hypothesis, for example).
Refer to the page on the Regnus website for instructions about the usage.

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Re: Version 1.0.0

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Is the Java console version still maintained? It's currently listed as 5.3 compliant and Regnus is up to 5.4.

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