Ideas and discussion for Regnus 5.5

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Re: Ideas and discussion for Regnus 5.5

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veryalien wrote:

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GROUP markup
ENTRY <LABELNAME><HTML>Normal text.<i><b>This text will be in bold italics!</b></i>
ENTRY In fact, on lines where there is only normal text, <LABEL2>labels could still be anywhere!

Hmm. I think that might be much more of a hack than the existing proposals. :P

Although of course it's the key motivation for considering these features, I'd really rather not add a language-level feature entirely designed with regard to XML/SGML, when there are plenty of other potential uses for "unparsed" content in a script, including other styles of markup and so-on. Ideally, for a new feature to be worth implementing, it would be much more extensible and useful for a wider variety of possible uses - especially as having to use an occasional overstep alongside left-facing triangular brackets when generating (X)HTML really isn't that much of a problem.

Actually, the original suggestion isn't at all inelegant in itself; but I think that in order to make it as useful as possible, it would be best to give it some more in-depth consideration, to give it the widest range of possible uses.

What I think I'll do is to release the 5.5 specification with all of the other major new features which are already working for now, and give this some further consideration for the next language update, as I don't think it's a vital enough feature for now to hold up the release of some really useful things like the dice notation expressions and inline entry selection, and I'd certainly rather make sure that it's implemented in an extensible and super-useful way rather than being added now as an incomplete feature. :)


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