Version 1.7.0

Discussion of the Regnus Parser for PHP.
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Version 1.7.0

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This topic is for the discussion of the Regnus Parser for PHP, version 1.7.0

Changes this version:
  • Added support for a new "protocol" parameter to help workaround overzealous server security interference.

Note: This update adds the new "protocol" parameter, in order to provide a workaround for servers (including this one) which feature a somewhat overzealous server security feature which blocks URLs passed as URL parameters (ostensibly to help prevent cross-site scripting attacks), thereby making the use of Regnus scripts across domains tricky. Because it is the insertion of a complete URL which triggers this behaviour, the "protocol" parameter can be used to split the address from the protocol.

For example, instead of the following:

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The following can now be used, which should be more reliable under these server conditions:

Code: Select all


Full information and download:

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