Regnus 5.5

The Random Text Scripting Language

The Regnus Scripting Tutorial

Part 15: Comments, Titles, & Blurb

By now, you should know everything you need in order to write your own Regnus scripts! This chapter simply covers some simple extra qualifiers which you may find come in handy...

Firstly, when you write a script, you may want to include some extra information about it, and perhaps give your own name, contact details or copyright information, for instance, to be displayed by the parser to those using your script. For these purposes, you can use the "TITLE" and "BLURB" qualifiers. So, for example:

TITLE Example Script
BLURB This is an example script written in 2009 by Ryan J. Bury - please direct any questions or comments to the Regnus forums!

Note: the text from the "BLURB" qualifier is also fully parsed, so you can include references if you want!

The second item covered by this chapter is the "BLANK" qualifier, which specifies that the current line should be ignored by the parser. This allows you to leave comments for people reading your script. For instance:

GROUP CommentExample
ENTRY <Example>This line is parsed...
BLANK This line is ignored.
RATIO 2:This line is parsed!