Regnus 5.5

The Random Text Scripting Language

Bryak was born in the city of Darville. At an early age, his mother was murdered by a firedrake, spurring him to head out alone into the world at the height of spring. While exploring the Forests of Ferionion, he recovered the legendary Charm of Ferar, said to possess the power to wield chaotic magic. While investigating some labyrinths, he was attacked by a slime monster owing allegiance to the brutal traitor Sanarusal, which he bested without pause. His quest finally ended when he rescued the beautiful Princess Yifar from the castle of the powerful warlock Anonaran, and rescued the beautiful Princess Lydar from the labyrinth of the ferocious elf Teran.
Generated by the Regnus script Trash Fantasy Adventures, by Ryan J. Bury

Regnus is a simple but powerful scripting language for generating random text. Some example applications of the language might be:

Regnus parsers are available for many different platforms, including the Java Platform, Windows, DOS, and PHP, and learning to write your own Regnus scripts is as simple as following the simple step-by-step tutorial. A user forum is also availble for you to ask questions and share advice with other users, and post your scripts and ideas!