Regnus 5.5

The Random Text Scripting Language

Welsh forces invading Papua New Guinea have been hindered today by the satanic Korean mercenary forces under the command of Commander Bender. ITV News was told today that the invaders were effectively repelled by the use of schizophrenic chains, but the attack presses on all the same...
Generated by the Regnus script Something Completely Different, by Ryan J. Bury

Regnus is a simple but powerful scripting language for generating random text. Some example applications of the language might be:

Regnus parsers are available for many different platforms, including the Java Platform, Windows, DOS, and PHP, and learning to write your own Regnus scripts is as simple as following the simple step-by-step tutorial. A user forum is also availble for you to ask questions and share advice with other users, and post your scripts and ideas!