Regnus 5.5

The Random Text Scripting Language

When Ararus was but a young boy, his village was razed, and its people killed, by a pair of imps. The sole survivor, he began a long quest to find purpose in his life. He was cast out from the city of Ithelton by its King, Itharus, when he was caught in the bedchambers of the Princess Arhi. However, he was soon begged to return when Ithelton came under attack from a horde of snakes and their leprechaun allies. However, he had wandered far into the Plains of Haranonus by the time word arrived with him of the city's fate, and by the time he returned, the city had been razed. He found the Princess's body in the rubble, and swore vengeance on those responsible. This experience was to shape the events of the rest of his life. His quest finally ended when he slew the brutal witch Conaran, and defeated the black traitor Anda.
Generated by the Regnus script Trash Fantasy Adventures, by Ryan J. Bury

Regnus is a simple but powerful scripting language for generating random text. Some example applications of the language might be:

Regnus parsers are available for many different platforms, including the Java Platform, Windows, DOS, and PHP, and learning to write your own Regnus scripts is as simple as following the simple step-by-step tutorial. A user forum is also availble for you to ask questions and share advice with other users, and post your scripts and ideas!